This started as a semi-regular board game night hosted by Kev. It was quiet, simple, pleasant - until Kelley got her grubby mits on it. Now, we're trying to be something more complex - a rotating friendly neighborhood celebration of staying in.

Our house is pet-friendly, with two cats and one doggo. 

Pictured from left to right:
Kelley - Kelley was born in California, stole Arnold on her way through Florida, and has settled determinedly into the Twin Cities. She likes a lot of things with varying depth, but finds gaming to be an excellent social lubricant. Warning: she's a hugger (with consent, of course).

Arnold - Arnold is a native Midwesterner, so long as you consider Ohio in the Midwest. He's always starting new projects and customizing stuff, furniture, toys, clothes... now if only he could finish any of them. He's fond of all sorts of games, but prefers cooperative ones.

Kev - Kevin was born in the sleepy suburbs of Omaha, NE. The first 38 years of his life are unimportant, then he met Arnold and Kelley. He enjoys any game with a good balance of skill, strategy, chance, ave socializing. He also enjoys cooking, camping, game design, reading, and singing, in no particular order. He currently lives with friends in Hopkins MN.