Making and fixing things together

We like to get our hands dirty around here! Cooking, sewing, costuming, card making, knitting, furniture building, painting - you name it! We know that a lot of our friends are interested in that, too, so we figured why not do it together?



Sewing? Painting? Framing? Getting tangled in yarn!? These are all things that could happen here! The hosts have experience with assorted crafting, costuming, and miscellaneous creating of Stuffs, and we're always interested to learn new things, or just keep company while we each struggle to make something that could be gotten for a lot less time and money at the store.


Watch with a burnt out battery? Mending? Broken jewelry? Wobbly chair? We've got tools and expertise and would love to help you fix that thing! We live in a world where consumption is king, so it feels good to repair and reuse.